Three Girls, One Cock

Posted on: 2007-04-21 11:40

It's possible that this guy is the luckiest man in the world. Sure, he's tied to a table and he can doing nothing about the nipple torture one of the girls is determined to inflict on him, but he also has three babes that all want a piece of his cock. After drenching his dick in lube the girls begin what must have been an amazingly pleasurable experience.

Each babe takes a turn stroking his cock while the others run their hands all over his body, play with his balls, pinch his nipples, and even kiss him. The blonde in particular seems interested and swapping a little spit with him. It's not all peaches and cream though as they also push their dirty, slimy fingers into his mouth after having rubbed his cock with them. Still, in the end he gets to enjoy a handjob from three beautiful babes and have an orgasm.

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