Ferocious Cock Milking

Posted on: 2008-10-14 00:00

This evil slut creates a surreal explosion of cum with her new cock slapping farce where she gives her own logic for cock hatred and how she abuses, and milks her victim for her own twisted entertainment. She maltreated this cock with ferociously hard slaps and ball twisting so intense that at one point the cock and balls are turned 180 degrees till the balls are where the cock should be.

The ball and cock torture was so painful that the guy tries to escape but this cruel woman pulls it right back in every time. She forcefully pumps his cock more that she had created a colossal build up of semen cohersed from the prostate gland to the testicles which she then squeezes and twists till they are ripe to be milked and then she uses great coherse to pull this unbelievable amount of cum from the exhausted cock while she laughs, giggles and proclaims victory.

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