Cock Slapping And Hard Dick Yanking

Posted on: 2008-10-12 00:00

She has her victim strapped down tightly to the milking table. This evil woman is going to inflict some horrible torment to her poor victim. She starts pumping his cock with her hands until a massive eruption starts to explode from him. His cock twitches as loads of ruined orgasm sperm continue to flow out of his cock while the cruel slut laughs.

When the sperm finally stops flowing, she still keeps pumping him then administers some of the most horrifying post-orgasm torture that this guy have never ever experience before. The poor guy thrashes around on the table; straining against the straps that are holding him down. She makes him beg for her to stop. And when he can’t take it anymore, she makes it even worse by rubbing the his cock directly to its most sensitive part.

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