Massage in the ass

Posted on: 2012-08-06 09:39

When you have an appointment with a doctor, be sure that that doctor is indeed a professional or you?ll end up just like this guy we have here. He doesn?t even know the difference between a professional one and a bogus one that?s why he?s suffered from the hands of the fake doctor and nurse.

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When he arrived at the clinic, he is immediately asked to go naked and lie down on the bed. The doctor then began examining his heartbeat while the nurse is feeling his legs. Later on, he is surprised as the doctor asked him to bend over. The reason for this is for them to be able to insert their finger in his ass hole! Now that?s nasty and totally painful! The doctor said she cannot dig deeper and so they would be needing an instrument. The nurse then handed her a dildo, a huge one, and inserted in his ass hole.

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