Naked man got beaten

Posted on: 2012-07-15 23:20

When a man?s cock is masturbated by a woman, it is very usual that the man would reach his orgasm real quick and shoot out his entire cum real fast. Well, what we have here is the opposite of that. No matter how much the man wants to cum, it seems like the lady doesn?t want him to.

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The man is lying nakedly on a table with his hands and feet all tied up. The domina is seated beside him and even got her feet resting on top of his body. She masturbates his cock real nice, moving her hands slow and fast as she strokes his cock. She even tries to squeeze his balls a little to all the more ignite orgasm. You can see the man move the lower part of his body like he?s already very much pleasured and wants to cum. The domina then halts him from exploding by simply pulling her balls up and gripping on it real tight.

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