Cuckold watches wife

Posted on: 2012-04-24 14:42

Having lousy cock makes husbands cuckold. You can?t blame their wives if they look for a young and cocky man who has a hard and long cock and replace them with such a man. Now if you don?t want to be replaced, you better make sure to work your cock all the time, or else, you?ll be like the poor husband we have here.

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The husband?s wife is so mean and wicked that she doesn?t care of what her husband feels while she?s with another man in front of him. The husband is sitting on the couch while the wife handjobs another man, who?s already naked, on the other couch. What?s more is that she demanded her husband to lie on the floor and lick her feet like a dog. And as he does that, he must masturbate his cock and make it stiff and long like the cock of the other man.

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Cuckold watches wife
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