Handcuffed milking

Posted on: 2012-02-10 08:57

When a man is being masturbated, of course he wants to react on it and perhaps give the same pleasure he?s experiencing to the lady who?s bringing him pleasure. But what if the lady doesn?t want equal pleasure? What if the lady doesn?t even want to hear or see any reaction from your body aside from your cock growing hard and stiff?

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This is exactly what this man is experiencing. He is naked and all as commanded by the domina. His hands are handcuffed on his back, giving him no chance to move it and explore the lady?s body. On the other hand, the domina still got all of her clothes on. But despite that, the man is still pleasured by how she masturbates his cock. The domina seems to get some pleasure as well since you can even hear her moan. She asks the man if he likes it and we don?t see any reason why he wouldn?t anyway. Now all this man can do is to imagine touching her body and in no time, he?ll surely explode all his sticky cum.

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