Cock sees no escape

Posted on: 2012-02-03 10:32

A man could surely see no escape when he?s under the domina?s hands. Now what we have here is indeed a man that literally has no escape from the hands of a very mean mistress. Why? Well who could escape it when his cock is inserted through a gloryhole? And aside from that, his cock is bound to experience the most painful torture ever.

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The mistress focused sincerely on how to get this man?s cock in total pain. No one knows what this man has done to this mistress as to why she is so mad. She holds the cock real tight like she would never let it go even just for a second, and aside from that, she as well slaps it continuously. She even got herself a leather belt to slap it real hard, but good thing she?s still able to have pity on the man. As she holds on it tightly, she as well gives it a kind of pleasurable handjob. It?s up to the man whether he?ll be able to shoot out his load or let himself suffer in total pain.

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