Beaten and pleasured

Posted on: 2012-01-16 09:03

Not every handjob is pleasurable depending on the lady giving it. As for this case, what we have is a man who?s experiencing a totally and extremely painful handjob experience that he wished has never happened. Who would ever want a handjob when a domina is continuously slapping his cock?

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A handjob should be pleasurable and make every man cum; but when dominas do it, do not expect it would turn out the way you want it. This man suffered a lot. You can see how red not only his face is but also his cock due to cock slapping encohersed by the mistress. She would handjob his cock for a while but when it?s already hard and about to extract its cum, she would stop and slap it. She wouldn?t let the man cum no matter how hard this man begs.

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