CFNM & tied handjob

Posted on: 2012-01-02 12:03

Want a handjob? Well be careful to whom you ask it from because you might just land on someone who?s as domineering as who we have here. What you are about to see is a man who longs for a handjob and he got himself a lady he never expected.

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Before he gets masturbated, the lady wants him to agree with her that she?ll take all his cum. The man said yes of course since he always wanted to have someone to handjob his cock. But then again, after he got naked, he?s surprised that his hands are tied on his back. The lady is indeed another domineering woman and so now he?s bound to get dominated. The domina in eye glasses then started masturbating his cock. The man seems not having fun and pleasure since he?s just very quiet. But then again, the domina is eager to extract all his cum until his cock dries up!

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