Domme wins wrestling

Posted on: 2011-12-19 09:33

Dominas are undoubtedly strong and they?re very eager to defeat every man that comes their way. They have that powerful skill that involves the use of their limbs, which can definitely put a man down. And no matter how hard a man tries to get back or beat her up, that man only ends up getting beaten even more.

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If you?re in doubt, well this video serves as proof. You can see that from the beginning until the very end, the man has not able to stand up nor even beat or just slap the domme. On the other hand, you can see that the domme is so strong that she is able to beat the man easily. She makes use of her legs to keep him down, and another interesting tactic is the use of her tits. She uses her tits to slap the man?s face, which should somehow make the feeble man horny.

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