Feet rest on face

Posted on: 2011-12-05 09:32

Can you just imagine how a domineering lady can be so mean? Well, ladies always want to feel such against men, and surprisingly, some men just let these women dominate them just like that. You can find an example of such a man, or rather a wimp, in this video.

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This domina is simply resting on her couch without any top and with just her laced panty on and stockings. She got her high heels removed and rests her feet on her improvised foot rest. This improvised footrest is actually the feeble man?s face! While reading her favorite book, this dome loves resting her feet on his face. Not only that, she also loves moving her feet around it like she?s giving his face some massage using her sole. She even demands the man to open his mouth so she could place her feet right inside his mouth for gagging. Now that?s really dominating, eh?

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Feet rest on face
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