Cuckold handjobs

Posted on: 2011-11-25 09:19

If you have a wife who always longs for something huge, better prepare yourself. You should always have something big to show her and that includes your cock whenever she?s feeling kind of horny. You should also know the consequence if you know you don?t have a big and hard cock to show her.

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In any case you do not know the end result of having a small cock whenever your wife longs for something huge, you better watch this video or you?d be like the wimp husband here. The wife wants a big and stiff cock and obviously, her husband cannot give her that. Now in order to satisfy her craving, she then invited a man, who?s a total opposite of her husband. The husband then becomes a cuckold as his wife feels and explores her new man. The new man got a nice body and a hard and long cock to masturbate. As the wife continues to pleasure the man, the husband is just on the floor, watching them while licking his wife?s feet and while masturbating his cock by himself.

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