Wife wants young men

Posted on: 2011-11-18 05:19

If you have a wife who?s longing for a man with nice body and cock, then you could definitely relate to this video. What we have here is a poor husband who gets to see how his wife enjoys masturbating a young, cocky man while he is just able to lick his wife?s feet and masturbate his cock alone.

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The wife undresses the young man while her husband watches her. She and the young man then sat on the couch while the husband is demanded to lie on the floor. The wife then began masturbating the young man and the young man also began licking her huge tits. On the other hand, the poor naked husband on the floor is licking his wife?s feet as demanded and is also trying to masturbate his lousy cock. But despite the continuous stroking of his cock, it seems like it won?t ever stand or become stiff. Now that?s definitely the reason why his wife is in search for a new man.

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