Abused in gloryhole

Posted on: 2011-11-07 10:11

Oh some men? why do you have to be so horny and allow every willing lady to masturbate your cock? Well perhaps after watching this video, you?ll already learn your lesson. Just because some ladies are game to work your cock doesn?t mean they want to pleasure you? sometimes, it could be that they simply want to have some fun while you?re experiencing pain.

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Indeed, the mistress here wants nothing but to see your cock throbbing. She said she wants to masturbate your cock, but you should?ve asked her how from the very beginning. This is because the mistress actually wants to masturbate your cock while you?re laid on your stomach on a table and your cock is inserted in a gloryhole. She loves holding your balls real tight and even twisting it! She has a special belt made just for your cock and she uses it for stroking and slapping your wang.

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