Handcuffed handjob

Posted on: 2011-11-04 12:31

Dominas love to play even if their playmate doesn?t want to. Your answer actually doesn?t matter. And actually, dominas have a different kind of thinking and play for them means playing you and humiliating your manliness. See this man as he?s humiliated but somehow pleasured at the same time anyway.

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Naked and with hands tied on his back, the man seems numb as domina plays him around or his cock, rather. All the domina wants is to play his cock and masturbate him till he explodes. That may somewhat seem like she?s making fun of him, but he shouldn?t care about that since he?s being pleasured, right? Also, it looks like his cock wants to play with her. You can see just how pleasurable she strokes his cock and how hard that cock has become. In no time, cum is sure to explode all over the place.

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