Torture on gloryhole

Posted on: 2011-10-07 10:48

I know and everybody knows that masturbating is definitely pleasurable and it can surely bring one to ecstasy. Moreover, it is more satisfying when someone is doing it for us? Or perhaps it?s not always like that, huh? Go figure out what I am trying to say by watching this video.

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What we have here is a man who is indeed being masturbated by a mistress. The thing is, instead of pleasure and satisfaction, this man is bound to feel tortured and be in total pain. Why? Because the mistress is not giving him pure handjob, she?s also giving him some cock slapping and ball twisting. Who would be pleasured with that? Additionally, his cock is placed through a gloryhole, which hinders him from moving or from escaping the hands of the vicious mistress. He should just think that at least, somehow, he has someone to masturbate his cock for him? that should serve as a conciliatory.

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