Domina extracts milk

Posted on: 2011-09-09 07:09

Have you already experienced a touch-chic punk-rock looking lady giving you a handjob? Or have you even imagined it? Now if that sounds intriguing, then this video should tell you how that feels. Although everything that?s happening here is against the will of the man, some of you might probably find it very much pleasurable.

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Without his clothes on and with his hands tied on his back, the man is very still as he stands in front of the domina, who, on the other hand, is down on her knees. He doesn?t talk nor even move and perhaps he?s also feeling some pleasure about what the lady is doing on his cock. Indeed, the punk-looking lady with tattoos and eye glasses on keeps on stroking the man?s cock, giving him some pleasure. But since she is somewhat a punk chic, how she performs handjob is kind of different. She slaps the man?s cock here and there, back and forth, imagining it like the drums she?s playing. The domina also wants to collect the man?s cum, which she would probably drink when she?s tired? could be, eh?

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