Mistress smothers

Posted on: 2011-08-26 10:33

If you?re trying to make a fool out of a domineering mistress, you better take pre-cautions before doing so or you?ll end up being humiliated. If you think you cannot beat her and you cannot even fight back, then make sure not to insult her or you?ll just put yourself down in the end.

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The man here is kind of foolish and playful as he becomes rude to the mistress in body fishnets. The mistress is somewhat a chubby type and so is the man, but still, it seems like the mistress is dominating him. The mistress is behind him and she began hugging the man on his neck for her smothering act. She indeed has very strong arms that no matter how hard the man tries to escape, he just can?t. While smothering him, the mistress is also humiliating his weakness. She wants him to fight back yet she already knows he can?t do it. He cannot even move because of her arms wrapped around his neck and head.

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