Mistress Wants Slave To Cum With His Balls Squeezed

Posted on: 2010-09-03 06:34

This dominating mistress is so furious that she chose to vent her anger towards her poor slave. She finds it fun and even smiled to the camera, showing just how she loves what shes doing. She laid her slave, tied him up on both hands and feet, and started torturing his cock and balls.

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While the helpless slave is locked up, this mistress immediately grabbed his cock, stroked it with her hands up and down until he harshly extracts his cum. He didnt know that aside from being too furious, this mistress is also impatient that his balls are bound to get busted if he wouldnt cum fast. She tightens her grip on his balls and twist it until it looks like its about to explode. And though the pain is already at its extreme, the mistress inflicts more pain on his cock by slapping it with a belt, up from the head and down to the shaft.

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